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Neo Playground - Developing on the
Neo Blockchain is easier than ever before

Neo Playground is an online IDE, VS-Code based, developed to make it easier - for expert and newcomers - developers of the Neo Blockchain to develop and share templates and solutions.

My Role

Brand Designer
UI/UX Designer

I'm an active contributor to the open-source project Neo Playground.

I've developed the project brand and make sure that the project kept on the brand guidelines. I've also developed the project page and cards program that fetches the templates listing from the project's Github using Json and Js.
I've also helped to develop the Vs-Code extension used on the live editing environment


Brand development
UI, UX, Front-end

Main deliverables /

Brand concept, brand development, templates system, Design assets and Front-end (html, css, Js).

Year / 

2020 - 2021

Platforms / 

Project website;

01 / 
Neo Playground Brand

Neo Playground
Neo Playground
Neo Playground
Neo Playground

02 /
The Neo Playground Website

Neo Playground - Landing Page


I design digital experiences.
You can reach me by email at or @ Linkedin.
🤘Sure, you can check my resumé here.