Hello, I'm a Brazilian based Graphic Designer.

As a Graphic Designer, I'm a generalist with with a multidisciplinary approach in problem solving. With over ten years of expertise,  I have become a skilled designer  with a variety of experience. I have worked with several companies with different purposes locally and with remote work. I have a wide range of skills, from video making, web design, brand design and service design. Here are a few examples of how my experience qualifies me for the responsibilities of this position:

I have had my own studio of Graphic Design. There, with two associates, we created a number of brands, video design and interfaces for apps. All the apps that we created were used for events.

I am currently a teacher at SENAI the biggest vocational training school in Brazil. I teach design related disciplines and web design related ones.

I was the Chief Expert in our national competition of Web Design at The Olimpiada do Conhecimento championship.

I was also responsible to create, configure and develop web design championship in the WorldSkills São Paulo 2015. WorldSkills is an international event and my position gave me the opportunity to work with several Web designers from around the world.

I had an Interface project published in The Brazilian Biennial of Graphic Design of 2009.

I have a lot of works with clients like FIAT, Oi (The biggest Cellphone company in Brazil), and local T.V. Channels like Globo and Rede Minas.

Almost all my roles in freelance projects range from graphic design to integration of the design with development team and strategy team.

After years of soul-searching within my career, I have come to the realization that my work must both provide meaning to me as a designer and fulfill the actual needs of the users.

If you have interest in working with me, please feel free to get in touch.



For any enquires, feel free to contact me.

E ogabriel@gmail.com
T +55 (31) 99867-4346


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