SIBEX - Enabling OTC trading from any ERC20 tokens to BTC, and vice-versa

SIBEX is an online software company with a unique technology: Cross swap BTC with ERC20 tokens without the use of middle tokens as Wrapped BTC and other solutions. Its focus is to allow over the counter (OTC) trading for traders, individuals, and companies.  

My Role

LEAD UI/UX Designer

I was responsible for everything UI/UX: The product landing page, app user flows, app prototypes, as well as the new visual.

Design and develop the front-end basics (HTML and CSS) of the desktop and mobile versions of the company website and also the product.

Everything needed to be applied on React by Front-end dev team.


UI, UX, Front-end

Main deliverables /

Ideation, user flows, end-to-end prototype & testing, Design assets and Front-end (html, css).

Year / 


Platforms / 

Project website;
Project interface;

01 / 
The SIBEX front page

SIBEX - Landing page
SIBEX - Landing page

02 /
The SIBEX OTC interface


The ability to trade securely and directly between BTC and any ERC20 - Atomic cross-chain swaps. No Account Creation. No middlemen. Global Liquidity.

Create and trade ETH, ERC20, Bitcoin pairs.
On desktop or mobile.

SIBEX - p2p Transaction details
SIBEX - p2p Marketplace
SIBEX - p2p offer
SIBEX - Add Contact
SIBEX - p2p Contacts list
SIBEX - Contacts Detail
SIBEX - Wallet
SIBEX - Wallet
SIBEX Wallet

Power on mobile...

...and full throttle on Desktop


I design digital experiences.
You can reach me by email at or @ Linkedin.
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